Cape Fear Memorial Bridge Vanity Plate Design

Living History

North Carolina is home to one of the nation’s most iconic bridges, The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. This bridge opened in 1969 and features a 408-foot long lift span that can be raised 135 feet high. The Bridge was constructed by the Bowers Construction Company.


Other Lift Bridges

52 years of servicing Wilmington, NC

Project Timeline

  • Website Created July 2021
  • Vanity Plate Created July 2021
  • House Representative Backs Project July-August 2021
  • Project Endorsements Secured July-Oct 2021
  • Project Release July 2021
  • Pre-Sales Begin July 2021
  • Project enters Legislative Session for approval March 2022
  • Project Approved And Transferred To DMV For Sale May 2022


Pre-Order Now

The most iconic bridge in North Carolina is under threat of being replaced with a toll bridge.

We are creating awareness for this iconic bridge by creating a North Carolina vanity license plate. This plate will be presented on the 2022 legislative session for final approval. Once it is approved it will be available for anyone to purchase through the NCDMV.

Our intent is to set the plate price at $15. This is $5 more dollars above the state minimum of $10. This extra $5 will be allocated towards ensuring the viability of our bridge long into the future, engaging our Legislators, the Federal DOT, the state DOT, and our Municipal and Urban Planning Organizations.


  1. Download NC Form MVR-27ppa and fill it out. Email the completed form to:
  2. Pay fee of either $15 for regular vanity plate or $45 for specialized plate on our collection portal.
  3. Receive confirmation of form and payment.

Cape Fear Memorial Bridge License Plate

This design is what we are sending in for approval. It features the iconic and historical Cape Fear Memorial Bridge on a vanity North Carolina Plate.